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Happy Memorial Day! Total Ink Solutions will be closing May 26th at 2 pm EST. Saturday May 27th hours are 8am-12PM. Monday May 29th CLOSED.
Happy Memorial Day! Total Ink Solutions will be closing May 26th at 2 pm EST. Saturday hours are 8am-12PM. Monday May 29th CLOSED. Reopen on May 30th


by STS®

Specifically manufactured to match the performance and color properties of Mimaki's ES3 Eco-Solvent Inks. This is a Total Ink Solution ultra premium Eco-Solvent Ink with a stunning color gamut, performance, accurate color reproduction and the ability to print on a wide range of media.

Our colors are a virtual match of the original and since it's so incredibly close to the original there's no need to change the color profile or flush the lines. It has virtually no scent and is Plug & Play just like the original.

Total Ink Solution ES3 Eco-Solvent provides instant drying, very low odor level, perfect jetability, no clogging and/or deflection, super sharp print quality, resists fading when exposed to outdoor conditions, water resistant, outdoor durability without lamination, wide color gamut, vivid vibrant colors, compatibility and excellent adhesion on most self-supporting flexible and pressure sensitive vinyls.

  • CJV30-60
  • CJV30-100
  • CJV30-130
  • CJV30-160
  • JV3-75SPII
  • JV3-130S
  • JV3-130SPII
  • JV3-160S
  • JV3-160SP
  • JV3-250SP
  • JV5-130S
  • JV5-160S
  • JV5-320S
  • JV33-130
  • JV33-160
  • JV33-260
  • SPC-0440BK
  • SPC-0440C
  • SPC-0440LC
  • SPC-0440LM
  • SPC-0440M
  • SPC-0440Y
  • SPC-0440LBK
  • SPC-0440W
  • SPC-0440O
  • MIM.440.ES3.BK
  • MIM.440.ES3.C
  • MIM.440.ES3.LC
  • MIM.440.ES3.LM
  • MIM.440.ES3.M
  • MIM.440.ES3.Y
  • MIM.440.ES3.LBK
  • MIM.440.ES3.W
  • MIM.440.ES3.O
  • Black
  • Cyan
  • Light Cyan
  • Light Magenta
  • Magenta
  • Yellow
  • Light Black
  • White
  • Orange
  • Eco-Solvent
  • Mimaki

When changing from NON-OEM to Total Ink Solutions ink each color should be flushed before putting in Total Ink Solutions Ink cartridges. Total Ink Solutions certifies that these inks will not cause damage to the printheads.