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Happy Memorial Day! Total Ink Solutions will be closing May 26th at 2 pm EST. Saturday May 27th hours are 8am-12PM. Monday May 29th CLOSED.
Happy Memorial Day! Total Ink Solutions will be closing May 26th at 2 pm EST. Saturday hours are 8am-12PM. Monday May 29th CLOSED. Reopen on May 30th



The Super Turbo "E" Electric Forced Air Dryer is A.W.T.'s air dryer designed for efficient textile production. All plastisol and water based textile inks are cure-dried in the Super Turbo E at speeds up to 110 dozen pieces per hour -- or more.

The design of this dryer includes a preheat chamber where the correct curing temperature of inks is quickly obtained. The preheat system can be air fired for energy efficient production. The Super-Turbo E has a quartz tube preheat zone. Heights of the preheat system inside the chamber are adjustable.

The second section uses jet air-knives and high volume hot air to fully cure the textile ink while removing evaporates through the exhaust system. Re-circulating hoods re-circulate up to 90% of the dry airflow through the system. This helps to reduce your energy consumption. Dye fumes from colored shirts are safely exhausted. The Super Turbo G and GHO dryers keep textile production running smoothly and efficiently. Ink is fully cured with excellent results.

Double insulated chambers allow air temperature to remain constant. This feature makes the dryer energy efficient with little heat loss.

Temperatures for the quartz tubes/preheat zone can be set independently of the jet air. If air flow becomes restricted the heating system shuts down automatically and a safety alarm sounds. This safety feature keeps the blowers operating, preventing problems from scorching and blower burnout. Unit has full filter system.

The fully modular construction makes expansion easy by simply adding heating or conveyor sections.

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Super-Turbo 36” Electric Textile Dryer, 5’ Heating Section, 34” Infeed and 24” Exit.

208-240V, 1Ph, 60Hz



Larger Sizes Available